The ARms and Equipment Specialists Industry or ARES Industry is a company that produces weapons, equipment and vehicles for EPCON-H. ARES Industry was established in 2119 due to the Military Advancement Program.


The main purpose of ARES Industry is to supply arms, equipment and vehicles to EPCON-H and to its allies without the help of other companies other than Radon Industries. Its headquarters are located in the main EPCON-H complex on Earth.


Assault Rifles


Produced in 2119, the AR-19 is first automatic assault rifle produced by the ARES Industry. Favored by the EPCON-H until 2127 for its accuracy. It has 40 rounds and it is effective up to the range of 500 meters.


Produced in 2127, the AR-27 was the successor of the AR-19. It has more firepower, accuracy and much lighter than its predecessor. It's can reach up to 675 meters without losing its accuracy.

Heavy Machine Guns


Produced in 2119, the HVM-19 is a heavy machine gun mounted on the EAV-P19 "PANTHER" It can penetrate some armor up to 8 cm. It can fire up to 600 rounds per minute.


Produced in 2120, the HVM-20 is the successor of the HVM-19. It's heavy machine gun with more firepower than its predecessor. It can fire up to 750 rounds. Usually mounted on the EFV-H20 "HYENA"

Experimental Weapons


Produced in 2146, the Zeus-RGx is an experimental railgun with a rapid fire capability.



The IJP-01 is a jet pack used for lifting soldiers in the air for 30 seconds.


The X-Suit is an exosuit that provides speed and agility for its user. Used mostly by support units such as engineers.



ESC-V34 Supercarrier

Created in 2134, the main capital ship of the EPCON-H Fleet. Armed with 8 MTC-05. It can carry 1 EF-F23 Frigate, 1 EMPT-D23 "VULTURE" and 2 starfighter squadron of ES-H20 "HAWK"

EF-F23 Frigate

Produced in 2123, the main frigate of the EPCON-H Fleet. It has the capacity to carry 100 soldiers depending on its configuration. It is armed with a T-01 twin turret.


Mass produced on 2120, the leading starfighter of the EPCON-H Fleet. It's nimble and has a sufficient amount of firepower. Favored by most EPCON-H pilots.


Produced in 2123, it's a multi purpose spacecraft. It has different variations for different purposes.

EMPT-D23 "VULTURE" Purposes

  • Troop Tansport
  • Medical Transport
  • Diplomatic Ship
  • Cargo Ship



Produced in 2119, the EAV-P19 "PANTHER" is a 4 wheeled armored vehicle. Armed with a HVM-19 heavy machine gun and a AA-X4 Anti-Aircraft Gun. It has the power to reach the speed of 94km/h. It has the capacity to carry 10 soldiers with 3 crew members, 1 driver and 2 gunners.


Produced in 2120, the EFV-H20 "HYENA" is a 4 wheeled vehicle. It has the power to reach the speed of 136km/h. Armed with a HVM-20. It has the capacity to carry 3 passengers and 2 crew, 1 driver and 1 gunner.