The 613th Naval Air Group was an Imperial Japanese Navy naval air group formed for the 6th Carrier Division and Shimosa of the 10th Fleet.

It was formed in 1944 after merging the Yōtei, Tokachi, Shimosa Carrier Groups. They remained active until the end of the war.

The aircraft they operated were the A7K2 and A7K3 fighters, the A7K2M1 Fighter-bomber, and the B6K Torpedo bombers.




The 613th Naval Air Group was composed of three Carrier groups.

The Yōtei Carrier Group, which housed the infamous 'Reapers of Japan', the 275th Fighter Squadron.

Tokachi Carrier Group which contained the 391st Attack squadron, which sunk numerous ships.

And the Shimosa Carrier Group which was the oldest of the three Carrier Groups.

Operational History

Notable Units and Members

Commanding Officers

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Yōtei Carrier Group

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  • Placeholder

Tokachi Carrier Group

  • Ensign Hisakawa Kouki
  • Placeholder
  • Placeholder

Shimosa Carrier Group

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  • Placeholder
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